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Be a better parent. With 24 Hours in a day, give them one.

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It’s probably pretty ironic that I’m writing a post about parenthood because to tell you the truth sometimes I feel like I need to read a book (or few hundred) to teach me how to be a better parent for my kids myself. This week I got a good reminder on one simple way to be a better parent and maybe my advice might just help someone else be a better parent too. I’ll call it my parenting reality check.

At this point in his life, my two year-old has a case of the jabbers. He jabbers all day about Power Rangers or whatever crosses his little mind. It doesn’t really matter what he’s jabbering about, he seems pretty content as long as his lips are moving and someone is close enough to hear him.

In all Smith fashion, I heard him for a solid hour saying over and over, “Mom. Mom. Mooooom. Mom. Mom. Mooooom.” So naturally, I ignored him the best I could, that’s what moms do after hearing that dreaded three letter M-O-M word day after day, inside and out. It wasn’t until some time later that I finally said, “what, Smith?” with a large emphasis on the what. “Mom, I wuv your hair!” He said. I’m not so sure I had much of a response besides a little, “thanks”. Lesson learned Mom, lesson learned.

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Fast forward a little while to my 5 year-old and our bedtime routine. He informs me that instead of me reading to him the usual “Errol the Squirrel” or “Where’s the Bathroom”, which we’ve read so many times he has memorized before we even turn the page, he wants to tell me about Minecraft. In a simpler form, he just wanted to talk to me. My first instinct was to just grab the book and read it quickly because it had been a long day, but then I realized he wanted me to sit there and have a conversation with him about something he loved, something I found silly but he loved. He wanted me to listen and his explanations about Minecraft slowly turned into me hearing him talk about parts of his life at school and his friends. I never would have known any of this if I brushed off his request and hurried through “Errol the Squirrel for the billionth time. Lesson learned Mom, lesson learned.
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These might have been the simplest of examples, but they were my wake up calls to pay attention, to slow down and ask my kids about their lives… to answer the endless “mom, mooooom, mom” echoes. These things are important to them and someday the silly Minecraft chatter will turn into something bigger and hopefully by this point they will already know they can talk to you.  I pray I can be there for my kids when they need me, that I can support them with whatever they are going through. I want to be their person.

I think I’ll go now and ask my kids about their day…


Hello Drifter Beanies and Jewlery

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Hey friends,

Winter is here and we are loving all of the fun beanies and jewelry trends out right now!  We thought we would share some of our favorites!  What have you guys been loving this winter?  Most days is a toss up between dry shampoo or a beanie… Beanie for the win! hahaha

I8 o img_4629 img_4630 img_4631 img_4632 img_4633 I img_4635 img_4639 img_4640 img_4641 img_4642 snapseed

img_3606 img_3625 img_3636 img_3642 img_3654 img_3675

Park’s birth announcement

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We all have our visions of our perfect birth story. We anticipate how the day will go and all the details of our “birth plan”. The only thing we can’t anticipate is the teensy tinsy detail that we don’t control a dang thing! I learned that the hard way this announcement, birth announcement, newborn baby announcement

Park didn’t want to come out. He wanted to stay comfy cozy in his little home and there was no changing his mind. I decided to get induced to make sure I could get him the two doses of antibiotics the doc said he needed (from being gbs +). This gbs+ was a new thing to me and to tell the truth it kinda freaked me out. They made it sound like some strange kind of STD (don’t worry, it’s not). The doc was worried that because my second baby came so fast, I wouldn’t get to the hospital fast enough this time to get the four hours of antibiotics this baby needed before delivery. So getting started it is. Talking me into not being pregnant for one more day wasn’t very hard.

As nice as it was to be able to plan babysitters and such, I didn’t like knowing the exact day and time we were going to have a baby. Talk about anxiety. And I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying to sleep the night before you go in without some heavy sleeping pills. My mind was going crazy all night long. Will the baby be okay? Do women still die in childbirth in 2014? What if, what if, what if?

We made it to the hospital as if this was something we did everyday. We parked our car and walked on in. I was barely dilated so we got comfy and tried to relax for a bit. After we got settled a cute 70+ year old doctor came in and told me my doctor asked him to check me. No biggie, right? Wrong. That little troll broke my water. I wasn’t even dilated and absolutely wasn’t ready for that, especially because I wasn’t sure if I’d try to go natural again. As he turned and left the room, I asked him with tears in my eyes what he just did. He nonchalantly told me he ruptured my water as he walked out of the room. Blasted troll and hello pain.


baby announcement, birth announcement, newborn baby announcementFast forward a bunch of hours and two failed epidurals later…

The only thing we had going for us at this point is the baby got the antibiotics he needed. Besides that, he still didn’t want to come out. Try number three, a spinal block that would give me an hour of relaxation. If only he’d come then. Nope, the pain came back. My body did not want to stay numb and Park did not want to come out.

I went from a five to feeling like I was ready to push within two hours. We called the doctor and spent the next 45 minutes staring out the window watching for his car to pull in the dark hospital parking lot. The nurses didn’t dare move me because this baby was (finally) coming with or without the doctor. I tried my hardest not to push, or move for that matter. The sound anticipation finally set in when a squeaky door opened in a quiet hospital corridor. The doc was in and out of the room in 15 minute after two quick contractions. Because we are all friends here and I told most of you after having Smith that it didn’t burn going natural, let me tell you that I stand corrected. It can, in fact, burn like no other (of course only when you DON’T plan on it hurting). After two epidurals and a spinal block, this delivery showed me who was boss. Holy momma. Moral of the story: Yes, you definitely can and should go natural IF your water isn’t broken by a troll really early and IF you don’t have to get started and have Pytocin making your contractions uber strong.

And then the good part. Seeing our beautiful boy for the first time. Perfection.

7 lbs 11oz and 21 in long born at 3:10 am.

We are all in love. Especially his two big brothers.

Welcome to the world my sweet baby.IMG_3027 bw

IMG_2974 bw
IMG_2993 bw

IMG_3049 bw

Park’s birth announcement (find birth announcements in the shop).


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newborn baby announcement, baby boy announcement, birth announcements

Meet the newest member of our family in his big birth announcement debut.


This baby makes me all mush inside and I can’t wait for these three boys to grow together. Huge thanks to my sister, Kami, for the awesome pictures and  Icarus Wing for the video. I’ll cherish them forever!