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How to Plan a Simple Halloween Party

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It was so fun being invited on Studio 5 to share some Halloween party tips on the show. I just wanted to take a minute and give you the links to the ideas I shared and where you can find some awesome tutorials on how to plan a simple Halloween Party yourself.

The Invitations

Every good halloween party starts with an invitation. Lucky for you, I created a cute little invite for you to use with your guests. Now there isn’t an excuse in the world why you shouldn’t invite some friends over.

Click here to download the Halloween Freebie Invitation

Cute free Halloween invitation from Happy Confetti

The Decor

All of the cute decor I was talking about was from my favorite pop up boutique in Northern Utah. I love it for two reasons… first, because the stuff is adorable and not too expensive. Second, the boutique is for a good cause. The proceeds go to a sweet little boy, Jack, to raise money to help with the costs for his Cystic Fibrosis. The best way I follow them is searching #givebacktojack on Instagram. Find them, I swear you will fall in love. Best news, they have another boutique coming up November 19-21 in North Ogden, Utah. If you are anywhere close, seriously go there!

how to plan a simple halloween party

Oh these fun bottles. Makes me need to take a trip to the thrift store. There are some cute bottle labels to stick on the front similar to the ones I’ve shown on Lil’ Luna and The Elli Blog.


Don’t you just adore those spooky books? There’s a great tutorial you can check out on Better After so you can customize them yourself. This might be one of my favorite finds.

These books would make a great Halloween Party Decor - lots of cute ideas

Food and Treats

I hollowed out a good round pumpkin (placed a bowl inside) and filled it with ice for the drinks. The mummy juice boxes are wrapped with duct tape (I used glow in the dark because it has a canvas look to it) and hot glued goggly eyes to them.

So cute- how to plan a simple halloween party on

The cookies were store bought, for the sake of time…and don’t we all need more time around the holidays?) and I put a similar knife to this one on top with red gel frosting to look like blood. So easy!

easy Halloween cookies and cute ideas for a Halloween party

Okay, I told you I found the absolute yummiest caramel apple recipe and it really is. It held to the apples like a champ and the toppings stuck to it perfectly. Did I mention it was yummy? Make sure your apples are cold before you dip them. I think this made the biggest difference with keeping the caramel on. My kids loved putting mini marshmallows on them but my favorite turned out to be the toasted coconut. Yum-mo. We used sprinkles, MnM’s, butterfingers, smashed pecans, white chocolate (for the blood apple and mummy apples) and smashed Oreos. I also found putting the toppings on the top of the apples, instead of dipping them in the candy on the bottom, held up better and didn’t make the caramel sag as much after sitting.

how to plan a simple halloween party - make caramel apples with guests

Halloween Caramel apples - how to plan a simple halloween party

Goody Bag

The cute pumpkin goody bags were an idea adapted from Martha Stewart. They were so easy. Instead of crepe paper, I just used tissue paper because I could get it at the dollar store and instead of floral tape, I just used some cute masking tape I found (or washi tape would work too). I love them because these could really be as big or small as you needed. Then I whipped up a cute little tag to complete the look.

Click here to download the Halloween freebie bag tags

Free Halloween thank you tags from happy confetti

Very cute halloween party ideas

Party Awards

Last but not least was my boyfriend, the skeleton trophy. Oh how I had fun dressing these little guys up. Tell me how fun it’d be to win one of these at a Halloween party? Um, yes please. All I did was found a hanging skeleton at the dollar store, this one happened to be a necklace, and I hot glued all his joints together so he was stiff. It’s kind of fun molding them in silly stances too. Then I spray painted him gold and added some fun clothes to fit the type of trophy he was. Some ideas I had were best overall costume, funniest costume, scariest costume, best couple costume, best group costume, best handmade costume, most creative, etc. These guys were just glued on a black plastic bowl but you could really use anything as the base of the trophy.

Halloween party ideas - funniest costume trophy

Simple and cute Halloween party ideas -  Best Costume trophy from Dollar Store materials

If you missed it, you can see my Confetti party segment from Studio 5 here (I’ll post the party trend segment I did soon too).

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas on how to plan a simple halloween party. Do you do a halloween party yourself? I’d love to hear what fun traditions and ideas you have.

Confetti Party

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It’s no surprise I love confetti (and parties) so this next project was a no brainer for me. Let’s talk about having a confetti party, shall we? I double dare you to find someone who doesn’t like confetti. It’s cute, playful and can fit any party color or theme. It’s the perfect addition for, well anything. Stick it on a present with two sided tape, embellish an invitation, spread it on the tables, have a confetti Photo Booth with confetti props, make some confetti cannons, confetti poppers, confetti filled balloons, put it into your flower vases, make confetti banners, food that looks like confetti (aka sprinkles)… the possibilities are endless.

I was invited to share my confetti party tips on Studio 5 recently and since then have incorporated some of the projects into Confetti Night (more about this amazing women’s conference here). So, I decided to do a quick recap of some of my favorite ways to incorporate confetti in your party and create a confetti party of your own. It’s totally on trend right now and I don’t think little bits of confetti happiness scattered around a party will ever go out of style. You want a crazy awesome party theme but don’t want to break the bank? Why not make confetti the star of the show?

Here’s my video from Studio 5 showing a few of these ideas in action.

Besides some of the ideas showed on Studio 5, I also added a bunch of confetti greatness to Confetti Night this year. Here are some of the details…

These are the tables and I think the hint of confetti added the perfect amount of fun to finish off each table.

Awesome ideas on how to use confetti in your next party! Throw a confetti party!

Such a fun confetti party table with felt balls in milk vases and honeycomb tissue balls. Handmade confetti and honeycomb tissue balls on tables at this awesome confetti party!

Confetti balloons are such a simple way to add a finishing touch to a party. Make your own confetti and add it to a clear balloon (a funnel works great) or you can find different colors of confetti balloons in the party in a boxes found in the shop.

Tons of ideas of how to use confetti in a confetti party!

I love myself a good balloon arch and one that looks like giant confetti is a win in my book. This Confetti Night balloon arch by Darling Street was ah-mazing and would steal the show in any confetti party!

Confetti Balloon arch with tissue honeycombs at an awesome confetti party!

We also hung lights and paper cut in fun confetti shapes to drape behind the speakers and to hang quotes from.

Cute hanging quote and ball lights at a confetti party. Lots of fun confetti ideas!Cute watercolor sign hanging from rafters at a confetti party. So fun to hang them with bulb lights!

Fun confetti garland and other ideas for a confetti party!

How about some confetti photo booth fun!

Have a confetti photo booth at a confetti party. Blow confetti into the camera!

And some confetti party food.

Love the confetti sprinkled popcorn at a confetti party!

Cute pink sprinkled cupcakes at a confetti party!

I enlisted my family/friends to help diy most of the decor so do ask if you want any specifics on how-tos. I’d love to share!

If you are looking for even more party planning ideas, I found this really cute article on how to plan a birthday party. Denay covers the checklist from budget to thank you notes and who couldn’t use something to help keep the stress down and stay organized when planning an event!


Confetti Night pictures by the awesome Hanna Roberts Photography