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5 Cement Fireplace Ideas

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Hello industrial! Cement almost does the same thing to me as raw steel, it gets my heart a pumpin’ and I adore it. It’s modern and masculine and exactly what I like. (I know I’m a girl and I shouldn’t love masculine design like I do, but it’s so edgy). The large cement blocks really set the focal point in a room and the hard cool surface really demands attention. I like this because it makes it easy to balance out the masculine cement by adding in warm soft textures in the finishing touches like the blankets and rugs.

Because we’ll have a pretty warm and modern kitchen, wood with white, I think it’s safe to take a little risk on our fireplace. We have a two story great room, so the fireplace reaching almost 21 feet high and 6 feet wide could be quite the focal piece if we do it right.  Here are some of my favorite looks of modern/industrial cement fireplaces that I’ve found. We’ll incorporate a few of them in our own design. Wish us luck.

1. Cement Fireplace Ideas

2. Mantel and 3.Hearth Ideas

I’m pretty set on the cement being the base of the fireplace but the mantel and hearth (the surface in front of and/or on the sides of the firebox) adds an entirely new variable to the fireplace design. A couple things I like are 1. the asymmetrical look is everywhere, lots of modern fireplaces are leaving the hearth longer on one side than the other.  2. I love the idea of having the hearth and mantel in a contrasting color as the fireplace background or even a contrasting material.
These guys put a thin piece of steel as their mantel. So cool.

4. TV Ideas

The dreaded TV. I hate even talking about how much I despise putting a TV above our fireplace. It will basically ruin any artistic value the cement fireplace might have had (yes, I am allowed to be dramatic about this one). Aesthetically I truly don’t want to put it above our fireplace but in this case practicality wins. Having a TV in our living area is practical and since the fireplace will take up most of our wall (yes, we’ll only have one usable wall because one is full of windows, one is an open staircase, and the other is open to the kitchen) so it has to be the place for both. Because of this, I found some gorgeous rooms that the TV still would look classy against a cement fireplace. There’s even an idea about a hidden TV. Hmmmmm…

5.Wood Additions

Even though we are using a gas burning fireplaces, I still adore the addition of a wood element to a fireplace as a little natural decoration to incorporate the warmness of wood.
What do you think? Do you like the look of a cement fireplace and what do you think makes them work in a room?

Modern Interior – Utah Valley Parade of Homes Tour part 1

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I’m sure part of it is the barbecues, crisp air, yummy desserts and a little house planning that makes this time of year so fun, but a big part of my love for this season is it’s Parade time. Utah has a few different areas that host the Parade of Homes so from June to September we pick and choose houses to walk through (and probably see 75+ homes) from the St. George Parade of Homes, Utah Valley Parade of Homes (definitely my favorite), Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes, Salt Lake Parade of Homes and Park City Showcase of Homes (which is also a favorite) and we love every dang second of it. There’s something about the Parade that gets my blood a bubblin’. Modern interiors and out-of-the-box ideas are in the air.

To say I’m a Parade veteran is an understatement. We’ve went for as many years as I can remember and the love started waaaay before I ever planned on growing up, having a family or building a house of my own. I’m only half teasing when I say my obsession with houses is my dad’s fault. I remember helping pick out his countertops at his projects when my sister and I were still in Elementary school.

To start this series of posts, I want to share with you some of my favorite houses from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes and give you a glimpse into some of my favorite houses that incorporated modern interior design perfectly. So, here you have part one of your virtual Parade of Homes tour.

In order of my favorite houses, (it was a hard race for first place between #1 and #31) but first up house #31 by Emerald Homes. Too cool. The thick beams and the stacked brick were my favorites on the exterior. Let’s not forget the incredible modern landscaping and don’t you love the steel boxes that make a cozy little home for those killer trees? Inside you can find the same stacked brick on the fireplace and the same thick cedar exposed beams. It made a great combination for a mid century feeling while still keeping a very modern interior and a sense of elegance.

This stacked brick chimney shows the modern design in this awesome house tour on Happy Confetti Design
Modern landscaping details with metal flower beds in this Parade of Homes house tour on Happy Confetti Design

modern house numbers and flower beds in this home tour on Happy Confetti Design

This stacked brick fireplace and modern carpet shows off awesome elements in this trendy house tour!

Very few houses rock the flooring like this one did. The carpet, tile and wood were all unique and definitely caught my eye. On the tile they mirrored the same stacked look as they had on the fireplace and paired it with a very light contemporary wood that had tons of texture.

Way cool modern floor in this house tour on Happy Confetti Design

Love how modern this tile looks stacked like this! Find more trendy house ideas on Happy Confetti's Parade of Homes house tour.

I’m still searching for these awesome copper air plant holders that were on their kitchen table. Love their styling and attention to all the little details.

These awesome air plant containers were found in this modern house tour on Happy Confetti Design.

Loving this modern desk with exposed wood and open shelves in this modern house tour on Happy Confetti Design!

Such cute details with this marble tray and succulents in this house tour by Happy Confetti Design.

Check out this modern interior house tour in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Check out this modern interior house tour in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Doesn’t this light look an awful lot like my favorite lights ever I talked about here?!?

Check out this modern interior house tour in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Check out this modern interior house tour in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

There’s something about a black wall in a bedroom that I can’t get enough of. Classy.

Loving this Modern Interior House Tours in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Coolest bedroom in this modern interior home tour

I’d love to know what you think? Do you like it or any ideas that inspire you?

Next up is house #1 by Magleby Construction. Come back to see what’s behind this awesome entry…

Awesome modern glass door in the Parade of homes house tour on Happy Confetti Design


Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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Let’s talk modern kitchen cabinets. In our family the kitchen is the central part of our home, the place people linger to grab a snack or sit at the bar to finish homework. It needs to be functional yet pretty. Inviting yet stylish. Your kitchen cabinets will set the style, tone and feeling you give this central part of your house.  I don’t think you can never go wrong with classic traditional cabinets but my heart will always have space for modern kitchen cabinets. The clean, sleek look gets me every time.

We had a cabinet guy up at our new house last night and it had me thinking of what I’d have in my dream kitchen. Besides having lots of cabinets that I can organize the crap out of, I found some really cool inspirational pictures that do modern kitchen cabinets perfectly. Here’s what I’m thinking.


White. I adore bright white space but lets not get too carried away. I could show you countless all white kitchens that look fabulous but if I am going to live in a space, I need a little color to warm it up. I love my doctor, but I don’t want to live at his office. Okay, that was lame but you get the point. Let’s start with stark white walls and warm it up a bit with some browns and warm grays. We are thinking of doing white upper cabinets by the stove/hood and a modern brown on the island on the refrigerator’s wall. I’m obsessed with these brown colors and the modern horizontal grain in them that contrast the bright white.

Cabinet Styles

Nothing says modern kitchen cabinets like horizontal lines. We saw it in the wood grain, but let’s add another horizontal in the way we hang our cabinets. I like the idea of switching up the directions and doing some cabinets horizontal and some vertical. The longer pulls accentuate this horizontal cabinet style too. And please, let’s not overlook having a couple glass doors. You can’t see exactly what’s in these ones, which is nice, but it gives the cabinets an ultra cool feeling.

Modern Kitchen cabinets


We will have an entire wall of cabinets with nothing else on that wall except a fridge at the very beginning, so I had to get some ideas of how we can break the cabinets up without losing on storage. Ideally, I’d love to have no upper cabinets but practicality takes over. I think my dream kitchen would have so much storage, I’d finally have a spot for all my cake stands. The best solution I’ve found is having open backsplash up to open shelving with some fee floating cabinets above for storage. That would give an open shelving feeling so I could display some of my cute plates but still looks clean and modern. What would you do?

modern kitchen ideas


Modern Kitchen Cabinet ideas on Happy Confetti , kitchen by Siren-Lauvdal-—-Elle-decoration
Modern Kitchen Cabinet ideas on Happy Confetti , photos by Siren-Lauvdal- for -Elle-decoration


I always have papers and bills that need a home and somehow always end up on the kitchen counter. I love the idea of a desk in the kitchen to hide the paper clutter. These desks integrate into the cabinets seamlessly without standing out as an eyesore. It’s like a hidden gem.

Other Ideas for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Doors and Hardware

A perfect modern kitchen has a flat paneled door and sleek hardware, in my opinion. Nothing fancy or curvy, just straight lines do the trick.


I love it under the upper cabinets and it’s a cute surprise in the silverware drawer.

Toe Kicks

I adore these white cabinets with a wood toe kick.

modern kitchen cabinet ideas on Happy Confetti


Pull out drawers, garbage can drawers, utensil separators and this drawer inside a drawer idea is genius. My favorite storage find so far though is keeping your dishes inside a drawer instead of a cabinet. This would be brilliant with little ones around.

What do you think? What elements would you include when designing your modern kitchen cabinets?

Confetti Party

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It’s no surprise I love confetti (and parties) so this next project was a no brainer for me. Let’s talk about having a confetti party, shall we? I double dare you to find someone who doesn’t like confetti. It’s cute, playful and can fit any party color or theme. It’s the perfect addition for, well anything. Stick it on a present with two sided tape, embellish an invitation, spread it on the tables, have a confetti Photo Booth with confetti props, make some confetti cannons, confetti poppers, confetti filled balloons, put it into your flower vases, make confetti banners, food that looks like confetti (aka sprinkles)… the possibilities are endless.

I was invited to share my confetti party tips on Studio 5 recently and since then have incorporated some of the projects into Confetti Night (more about this amazing women’s conference here). So, I decided to do a quick recap of some of my favorite ways to incorporate confetti in your party and create a confetti party of your own. It’s totally on trend right now and I don’t think little bits of confetti happiness scattered around a party will ever go out of style. You want a crazy awesome party theme but don’t want to break the bank? Why not make confetti the star of the show?

Here’s my video from Studio 5 showing a few of these ideas in action.

Besides some of the ideas showed on Studio 5, I also added a bunch of confetti greatness to Confetti Night this year. Here are some of the details…

These are the tables and I think the hint of confetti added the perfect amount of fun to finish off each table.

Awesome ideas on how to use confetti in your next party! Throw a confetti party!

Such a fun confetti party table with felt balls in milk vases and honeycomb tissue balls. Handmade confetti and honeycomb tissue balls on tables at this awesome confetti party!

Confetti balloons are such a simple way to add a finishing touch to a party. Make your own confetti and add it to a clear balloon (a funnel works great) or you can find different colors of confetti balloons in the party in a boxes found in the shop.

Tons of ideas of how to use confetti in a confetti party!

I love myself a good balloon arch and one that looks like giant confetti is a win in my book. This Confetti Night balloon arch by Darling Street was ah-mazing and would steal the show in any confetti party!

Confetti Balloon arch with tissue honeycombs at an awesome confetti party!

We also hung lights and paper cut in fun confetti shapes to drape behind the speakers and to hang quotes from.

Cute hanging quote and ball lights at a confetti party. Lots of fun confetti ideas!Cute watercolor sign hanging from rafters at a confetti party. So fun to hang them with bulb lights!

Fun confetti garland and other ideas for a confetti party!

How about some confetti photo booth fun!

Have a confetti photo booth at a confetti party. Blow confetti into the camera!

And some confetti party food.

Love the confetti sprinkled popcorn at a confetti party!

Cute pink sprinkled cupcakes at a confetti party!

I enlisted my family/friends to help diy most of the decor so do ask if you want any specifics on how-tos. I’d love to share!

If you are looking for even more party planning ideas, I found this really cute article on how to plan a birthday party. Denay covers the checklist from budget to thank you notes and who couldn’t use something to help keep the stress down and stay organized when planning an event!


Confetti Night pictures by the awesome Hanna Roberts Photography

A Drool-Worthy, Modern Boy’s Bedroom – part 1

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Part 1 of 3 of The Perfect Modern Boy’s Bedroom

What’s black and white with energy all over? Let’s talk about designing and decorating a little boy’s room, shall we?

Hi, my name is Mitzi and I have three boys. Three. So, you better believe I love myself a well-done modern boy’s bedroom. For heaven’s sakes, in the next year we’ll have three to design (plus their playroom) so we are looking at a lot of masculine decorating around here. Because of that, I’ve done a lot of researching and finding out what elements make or break a boy’s space.

Because my boys are still small, I want their rooms to be able to grow with them. That might mean a little more mature designs to begin with, but that’s okay with me. I figure if the basics are classy, the accessories can be made more age appropriate so they can be easily changed out and they won’t grow out of their rooms so quickly.

If you have ever met my kiddos, you’d know they are as different as night and day and I want their rooms to reflect that. My oldest is a dark haired, dark eyed, go-with-the-flow, sensitive type. My middle boy is a blonde haired, blue eyed, laugh-your-face-off tornado type. He’s into everything and is the one that keeps us on our toes. My baby might be somewhere in the middle or an entire different breed. We’re still deciding on that one, but boy is he a doll. However these boys end up, I want their rooms to be them and reflect their personalities.

The struggle? I want to juggle having a spot that promotes fun and imaginations with being practical and thinking about storage and cleanliness. Practical combined with style. Learning combined with playtime. Sounds easy enough, right?

Add all of these together and what do we get? A drool worthy boy’s room.

Let’s talk about my three favorite elements I’ve found in a boy’s room. Come back for part two and three to cover the other six elements.

  • 1. Black and white
  • 2. Geometric
  • 3. Accessories and styling
  • Floors/rugs
  • Pendants
  • Crazy beds
  • Textures
  • Unexpected elements
  • Storage

1. Black and white

I love the playfulness of this look. It’s clean and modern and such a nice starting point to work with. A blank slate that, if done right, can really make your accessories pop. I adore the warmth the natural wood adds to this space and the contrasting of colors.

Jessica Hanson styling on - a boy's modern bedroom

Styling by Jessica Hanson Inside Out Magazine, photography by Craig Wall

Modern Boy's Bedroom on

Spearmint Baby

2. Geometric

It doesn’t matter if it is on the wall, on the floor or anywhere inbetween,  geometrics add interest and create structure in a space. This wallpaper is perfection.

How to get a Modern Boy's bedroom on
This mature nursery will be fun to grow into. The overlapping geometric designs on the curtains, pillow, stool, rug and crib all add an unexpected mishmash of adorable. I can’t wait to layer crazy patterns together.

3. Accessories and styling

I love to see accessories that tell a story and show the personality of the owner. Accessories are always fun especially ones that add a little warmth too (I can’t get enough of wood, little pops of color, greenery, natural elements, different textures, etc.). This is especially true starting out with black/white or any neutral space. This room did it with the bed and the table and it turned out ah-mazing!

modern boy's bedroom on ConfettiHype.comStyling by Jessica Hanson Inside Out Magazine, photography by Amanda Prior

What was once a simple room is made awesome with it’s bright accessories.

Little Interiors modern boy's room | Happy Confetti

Little Interior’s Modern Boy’s Bedroom

I happened to stumble upon Design Life Kids while accessory shopping and 12 hours later I had everything in my shopping cart! Here are some of my favorites for that modern boy’s room…

Design Life Kids accessories for a modern boy's room on

Design Life Kids

Come back to see part two (floors/rugs, pendants, and crazy beds) and the next week for part three (textures, unexpected elements and storage) to create a drool-worthy, modern boy’s bedroom!

Tom Dixon Lighting – pendant light ideas

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I have this intense need to share with you my design crush.

Have you seen Tom Dixon’s pendant lights? I first saw a group of them above some fabulous shoes in Nordstroms and they’ve made my hands all sweaty ever since! Hands down, his line has the best pendant light ideas around (not to mention they have a great story with the Beat collection being hand beaten in India to resemble cooking pots).

There are some design aspects to go safe on, things that are harder to change if (heaven forbid) you strike out or change your flavor, like flooring. Let’s play it a little safer with our flooring. There are also some design aspects that can be changed out simply and we can go all out on, like lighting. Let’s push our comfort zones with lighting.

Lights are the first thing I think of when trying to set a mood for a room. It’s a small detail that makes a huge statement. Looking to make your house a little more modern? Simply replace your lighting with a new modern pendant that will only cost you a couple hundred dollars. Feeling extra funky? Group a couple together with their pendant system! More pendant light ideas for grouping here

Let me introduce you to a few of my favs.

Contemporary Kitchen by Sydney Architects & Building Designers CplusC Architectural Workshop

Contemporary Kitchen by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Laura U, Inc. 

Contemporary Dining Room by London Architects & Building Designers Stiff and Trevillion 

Contemporary Bedroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Kelly Hoppen London

Contemporary Kitchen

Tropical Bedroom by El Segundo Architects & Building Designers Rockefeller Partners Architects 

Modern Kitchen by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Contemporary Bathroom by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Contour Interior Design, LLC